Avengers: Infinity War – Five Stones that Make it Awesome


1. The unending action sequences and unrivalled potential for CGI every 5 minutes. As the most awaited movie in a while, Avengers Infinity War is CGI every 25-second extravaganza. Since Hollywood hits are predominantly reliant on the quality and quantity of CGI showcased, no movie so far has beaten this. George Lucas had attempted a CGI overkill two decades ago with Star Wars: Phantom Menace; unfortunately, his ambitions as cut short by the comparatively low-grade CGI available then. Now, human characters blend in immaculately with the detailed textured CGI characters.

2. The character of Thanos which effortlessly outweighs the biggest Marvel superheroes. Thanos is multi-dimensional, he’s uber imposing, and he’s not only a sinister genius, he’s got a surprising emotional dimension to his character as well. The poignant attachment between Thanos and Gamorah reinstates his EQ. Again, his immense power abilities make him indomitable even for all the concerted efforts of the Avengers to bring him down. He’s more or less the anti-hero of the movie; one can say the movie is about him.

3. The directorial and screenplay brilliance for packing in almost all Marvel heroes seamlessly in a two-hour movie. The Russos are accomplished for their excellent direction of Captain America movies. ironically though, Captain America’s character was overtly abridged in Infinity War. The screenplay made the impossible possible. Before its release, most pundits doubted how so many Marvel universe heroes could share screen time in a two-hour movie. Astonishingly, all of them harmonised. Interestingly, the confrontation of the Guardians and Avengers were not only successfully weaved in, it was rollicking as well. The introduction of dark characters such as Ebony Maw was noteworthy too. The characterization was the most important facet which makes this extremely risky venture of including all Marvel characters such a success.

4. The clever adoption of several signature classic Hollywood action sequences clubbed together in one movie. This money-spinning idea was executed to perfection by the Marvel production team. You had Star Wars lightsaber duel spin-off in the Vision/Scarlett Witch London battle, the LOTR spin-off in the giant Eitri’s Thor’s hammer forging sequence with a distinct Gothic ambience, Harry Potter’s void was filled up by the poor man’s Lord Voldemort (Ebony Maw), while we sniffed a slice of Avatar in the laser gun and spaceship blitz in the jungle of Wakanda.

5. Crisp editing: The movie never seemed like a three-hour movie, since the roller coaster ride didn’t have a single dull moment. The smart editing is what keeps the audience at the edge of their seats throughout, and after the climax, many of us beg for more. There have been classic suspenseful blockbusters such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars Phantom Menace or LOTR series, but none have such a concentration of action as Infinity War. In that sense Avengers: Infinity War has truly set a new standard for Hollywood entertainment.

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