Five Vessels which renders Shape of Water Unsinkable


Reconstructing a Neo-Noire 60’s
Carrying on the recent fixation of Hollywood to make retro movies, Del Toro takes retro to a whole new magnitude. This time, the 60’s went Scientific American. The research facility was recreated with not only attention to the slightest details, but it was the edge-of-your-seat ambience which was soldered infallibly to the aquarium like containment facility for the creature. Besides the highlight on the green Cadillac, the tube radio, or the background music, it all adds up to create a suspenseful 60’s thriller, with a twist.

The Novel Concept Of Inter Species Romance
A number of critics have come down with a heavy hand on the movie’s premise, some outrageously tagging it to bestiality. However, in this age where Hollywood is frequently churning out blockbusters with monsters and aliens as antagonists, characterizing a sentient non-human not only as a protagonist (as Spielberg pioneered with ET, but taking ET a step further) adding a credible romantic dimension, is unique, to say the least. It was romance in it sublime form, like shapeless water. From the epic lovemaking in a submerged bathroom to Elisa’s imaginings of her and her amibian lover performing on stage with a hundred pieces playing in the backdrop, there are dollops of pristine romantic sequences.

The Directorial Brilliance of Guillermo Del Toro
He’s been touted as the next big thing for a long time, his achievements in writing, producing and directing have earned him accolades for a decade. From movies such as Hellboy and the critically acclaimed Pan’s Labyrinth to Pacific Rim and The Hobbit series, which brought him to the Hollywood A-List. His storytelling ability and his mastery over make-up and animatronics are stellar, as he’s trained from the masters in these fields. In The Shape of Water, he doesn’t fail to captivate the audience and the critics alike, even with the predictable Shakespearean tragic romance theme with enveloping conflict.

The Amphibian Hero
with his surprisingly realistic emotional quotient, the creation of the creature showcasing the pinnacle of graphical prowess, the expressions of haplessness, anguish and curiosity which continuously paints the character (the piscean eye was spectacular in emoting such deep human emotions, reminiscent of Omar Sharif or Humphrey Bogart). With a quaint seal like call, the creature’s soulful eyes pivoted the movie perhaps, catapulting the movie to the hallowed hall of Academy Awards.

Elisa, The Lonely Janitor
Sally Hawkins captivated the audience with a stellar performance as a deaf and dumb janitor. One might contend it was Hawkins who pivoted the movie to its critical and commercial success. Her performance as a sensitive, much oppressed, ignored and sidelined by the society woman with her unfulfilled dreams of romance, is poignantly portrayed by Hawkins in her Academy Award-winning role. In fact, the inter-species romance hinges on the lowest common denominator of the two protagonists- haplessness. The miracle of nature is such that it makes two hemispheres come full circle.

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