Five Reasons to Play Call of Juarez – Gunslinger


• The Old West setting in beautiful cel-shaded design makes Call of Juarez franchise appear like a breath of fresh air. The game doesn’t try to make the characters or the gameplay mechanics too serious, making this arcade style shooter even more rollicking. The Old West setting is a treat, as you (as Silas Greaves) feel you are in the shoes of Clint Eastwood in a proactive Hollywood movie, maneuvering famous outlaws such as Billy the Kid (your partner in crime), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The use of height for gun battles is excellent, and so is the voice acting during the cut sequences. The designers have left no stone unturned, as you move through swamplands, stacked logs, the American Prairies with cowboys, outlaws and Apache Indians breathing down your neck. As you shoot, the sound of your revolver reverberates along the parched deserts and rocky terrains.Call-Of-Juarez-Gunslinger-1


• The guns and the game mechanics  in Call of Juarez – Gunslinger is once again, extremely fresh and entertaining. The shooting multipliers, the bullet times and the arcade style shooting of hordes of enemies is great. Particularly, the ‘Bullet time’ allows you to dodge approaching bullets, which is unique and memorable. You can even play in the Arcade mode, rather than Story mode, if you prefer to dodge and shoot hundreds of bullets every minute.


• The bosses who occasionally pop up during the game. There’s Garrett, Old Man Clanton or the Henry Plummer, who unload bullets with a group of accomplices. These old school duels are riveting, as the AI of the bosses ups the tempo, challenging you to bring your A game. The persistence and intelligence shown by the boss AI reminds one of the Big Daddies of the Bioshock franchise.


• The unique point of Call of Juarez – Gunslinger  in today’s highly demanding graphical games is how effortlessly its cel shaded graphics renders top notch graphics even when played with low end video cards. This is one great achievement for designers at Techland Ubisoft.


• The narration and cut scenes. You basically play a sequence as soon as the narrator halts, taking you to the event narrated. Often, threr are fake narrations which you end up realizing when you play the sequence all over again from the ‘authentic ‘perspective. This narrative makes Gunslinger a one of a kind game, part novel, part movie. Its all fun to play and listen to, nothing overtly serious, because after all, it’s a game.

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