5 Effects of Metro Last Light to Remember



  • The HDR effects in Metro Last Light which when coupled with Passmark 4000+ point card with graphics set at high, does put COD and Battlefield franchise to shame. The HDR is such a high point for the visual effects in the game, that one will feel the underground tunnels and army entrenchments palpable and tense. The lights create a dazzling effect in the dark and humid metro tunnels, reflecting along the sewerage waterways and revealing the shabby stone walls. Especially during the gunfights with the opposing Rangers of D6 (the enemies), the realism gets magnified, as torch lights scan every nook and corner, and the gun battles lights up the halls and dingy sewerages. Exceptional HDR and Bloom is further highlighted by developers 4A Games as Artyom (the main character played by you) requires to invoke a lighter to ward off the mutated creatures.full1_metro_last_light


  • The stunning outdoor surrounding, a post-apocalyptic Moscow with shattered remains of concrete and gruesome creatures. Although the swamp monsters and the mutated humanoids could have been designed better (character modeling is probably the weakest point in the Metro franchise, its weak especially in comparison to the mind-blowing realism and textures ushered in by Battlefield and Crysis franchises). The sound effects when you are outdoors can be realized when you’ve a discrete sound card, and premium headsets. The haunting call of those grotesque water creatures, the dragon like birds flapping across the smoggy sky, its surreal.


  • The gripping gun battles with the D6 in Metro Last Light. Each gun handles in a way which is distinctly different. The notable one is the unique pneumatic rifle which you’ll come across in the final sequences. The .44 Magnum and the revolver are powerful allies, helping you take down formidable enemies swiftly. The barter system in the resistance camps are also great additions to the storyline.

    • The voice acting and the story-line, with an alien twist at the end makes the Metro franchise slightly more grounded than the alien angles of Crysis or Halo. The Russian accents of characters like Pavel and Anna, the manner in which occasional notes scattered around build up the background of the story, offering you a credible reason to jump from one metro wagon to another, scamper through tunnels and maneuver the hostile over ground.


    • The final exceptional feature of Metro franchise is the way crowded environments are designed and rendered. Wading through a political rally, pushing your way along the dispersing soldiers, or taking a walk in an underground ghetto, with children playing, cabarets and hawkers selling their stuff by the gaslights, it’s amazing how realistic the crowded environments feel, without making them unnaturally exciting or eventful. Metro: Last Light is definitely a game to be experienced, with a high end graphic card and sound system in place.

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