5 Ways Eyes Wide Shut Opens your Mind

  • It’s Illuminati symbolism galore in Eyes Wide Shut, its all the truth that the ‘powers that be’ don’t want us to know. Their satanic rituals, their elite society and royal bloodlines that rule global banking and politics, and pertinently, their orgies to summon and feed the demonic spirits. The movie daringly opens the door of the dark world which is hidden by the media. (Kubrick apparently paid the price of divulging the secrets with his life, soon after the movie release).

  • The chemistry between the real life couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The close up shots capturing the nuances of their daily life. The film can be viewed also a graph which sketches the gradual down-slide of the relationship, from strong mutual understanding and commitment to a growing rift which widens as the film progresses; finally to culminate in the wide rift, compelling Hartford to keep his eyes wide shut.eyes Wide Shut


  • The deeply atmospheric scene where Dr William Hartfort finally manages to sneak in the bizarre party, getting closer to the gonging of a bell and as the door opens, he’s mesmerized by the outlandish costumes and wiccan ritual being performed on nude women. A camera work, set design (shot in an actual Rothschild mansion) and music makes the audience relive the augmented and altered reality of satanic rituals and mass orgy.
    • The subtle visuals which are splattered all around the movie where one can notice Illuminati symbolism and how we are being brainwashed with such symbolisms by the media, and people never realize. For example the star of Ishtar in millionaire Zeigler’s (Sydney Pollack) party. Or the visuals of multi coloured rainbows throughout the movie (‘Rainbow’ is MK Ultra’s code for creating a dissociative personality), Monarch programming dolls such as the ‘fluffy tiger’ appearing at the end of the movie, the recurring shots of the Christmas tree (pagan symbolism) and many more. Also the recurring shots of mirrors (altering reality) and a profusion of red and black in costumers, sofas, curtains etc. Red and black are by the way hallowed colours in satanism.
    • Stanley Kubrick as the reason to watch the movie. Undoubtedly, he’s a trailblazer carving new vistas in movie making throughout his career. 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket or Clockwork Orange, his movies needs to be watched after a thorough research, since one cannot comprehend the complete vision of his movie without having a firm knowledge base about the subject in his movie. Same principle applied to 2001, or Clockwork Orange or any of his movies in fact. His themes, his style of ‘visual film making’, his innovative cinematography, his music selection or the use of specialized lenses, Kubrick was a cut above the rest. In a sentence, Eyes Wide Shut is ‘visual film making’ at its pinnacle.

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