Five Reasons to Like Manhattan (1979)

  • The marvelous background score ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by Gershwin. The music was an indispensable part of the whole movie and sort of structuralized the essence of the movie.


  • The suave acting by Diane Keaton which eventually won her the Academy Award. It seemed Keaton and her portrayal of a progressive female intellectual who’s dizzied up by the Manhattan skyscrapers and culture was fantastic. Her famous quote which highlighted that disconnect Keaton had with the Manhattan wavelength “I’m from Philadelphia, and we believe in God”manhattan_5


  • Woody Allen with his remarkable satire and observation. Allen is always the character who seems unique in the film’s context, but in Manhattan, he was completely at one with Manhattan.


  • Manhattan, the way it was depicted in black and white. The Brooklyn Bridge, the criss-cross avenues, sidewalks, shops, New Yorkers. The choreography was minimalist but brilliantly captured the city’s pulse. Especially the opening scene was one of the best synopsizes of Manhattan ever.

    • The plot. The master satirist’s look at relationships and its apparent futility vis a vis the 70’s US culture. The search for true companionship by Allen and Keaton, the infatuation of Mariel Hemingway, the lust of Michael Murphy, the bisexuality of Meryl Streep, all interestingly fell under the umbrella of relationships. That’s how broadly Manhattan defines relationships. For Manhattan is the torchbearer of modernity.


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