Spielberg Top 5




Based on the bestselling novel by Peter Benchley, Jaws, with its two ton protagonist and perversely gory horror, ushered in the New Hollywood wave. Added to it was the Academy award winning haunting background music and some spectacular underwater photography and props.

Close Encounters of the Third Kindclose encounters

The film helped the science fiction genre to resurge and had some trendsetting visual effects in it as well. The gradual transformation of Richard Dreyfuss after he encounters UFO’s is poignantly depicted in the film.



Schindler’s Listschindlers list

The multi award winning film about Oskar Schindler and his efforts to save the Jewish refugees during the /Nazi Holocaust was shot in black and white. The emotional and moral underpinning of the film is what made Schindler’s List a masterful WWII movie.



ET was the science fiction film which garnered critical and commercial acclaim in equal measure. The story was about a lonely boy who meets an alien stranded in our planet. ET changed the outlook of how popular culture viewed aliens as monstrous and adversarial. ET was the most loved alien of the 80’s, hands down.

Saving Private Ryansaving private ryan

Tis war movie by Spielberg once again brought about a sea change in way war movies are made. The shaky documentary style camera shots, authentic sound effects and some brilliant acting by Tom Hanks made the audience get into the pulse of D-Day, Normandy. Added to it was the masterful the Omaha Beach Landing opening sequence.

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