5 Reasons We Love Some Like It Hot



  • The quintessential gender-bender movie of all time; the trendsetter which tickles your funny bone with incessant gender goof ups and sexual innuendos.
  • Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis slipping into the skin of Daphne and Geraldine respectively. Their hilarious imitation of the idiosyncrasies of a woman. In addition, the amusingly garish clothes worn by them in Some Like It Hot for concealing their gender – the bold eyeliners, the deformed lipsticks, and especially Geraldine’s outlandish pout. Equally hilarious was Curtis’s second disguise as the Shell business magnate, with added Cary Grant-ish accent.some like it hot
  • Marylyn Monroe, at her charming, naive and vibrant best. Her character represented a blonde bimbette, who’s recuperating from a series of heartbreaks, but still in search for Mr reliable. As Sugar Cane, Monroe enthralls and captivates the with her drop dead good looks. She proves her mettle as a virtuoso comedienne too. Sugar is essentially the magnet of the movie, who pulls together the characters and the storyline. As Lemmon sums up Sugar “”Look at that! Look how she moves. That’s just like Jell-O on springs. She must have some sort of built-in motor. I tell you, it’s a whole different sex!”

  • The story per se, and how each scene, costume and dialogue is meticulously crafted. The sequences of cat and mouse chases though hotel corridors, the chaotic train party of the lady musicians, the yacht scenes, and especially the use of clever lights and shade by director Billy Wilder during Monroe’s stage rendition of the sultry yet suave number ‘I Wanna be Loved by You’ was probably cinematographically quite ahead of its time. Moreover, the humorous costume designs for Geraldine and Daphne, also the exquisitely sensuous attires of Sugar, reinforced the seamless blend between comedy and romance. And of course the unforgettable one-liners and dialogues. For instance, in the yacht seduction scene, Sugar naively asks “Water Polo? Isn’t that terribly dangerous?” to which Curtis (as shell millionaire) replies “I’ll say! I had two ponies drown under me.”
    • Jack Lemmon – how his character shifts from being a hyperactive musician who’s struggling to make ends meet and who’s pretty uptight with women, to the cross dressed Daphne, who gradually starts loving the skin of his female façade. Unlike Geraldine, Daphne effortlessly jells with the bevy of women musicians to a point where (s)he almost is at a brink of a gender crisis. When Curtis argues “You are a guy! Why would a guy want to marry a guy?” Lemmon blatantly thwarts Curtis or rather the male fraternity, when he shouts back “Security!”


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