5 Reasons Why The Big Lebowski is Masterful



  • First of all, The Big Lebowski was voted the number one cult movie of all time. The movie is a classic comedy with a tight script, and there’s no slapstick, it’s all smooth as Lebowski’s favourite cocktail – ‘White Russian’. It’s all dead pan  and it’s all American adult humour. Lebowski almost carries a video camera and its sequences of hilarious events with colourful personalities, a chilled out American wasted life and an alternative Bible on how to live a life—follow the footsteps of ‘The Dude’.big-lebowski


  • The dames, particularly Julianne Moore as Maude Lebowski and Tara Reid as Bunny Lebowski. They exude the sensuality and the texture augmenting the movie’s characters which represent the shadowy underbelly of Las Angeles – prodigal, shady and decadent. Maude is the leading actress of the movie apparently, using refined vocabulary and deceit to ensnare the Dude. She’s charming, a connoisseur and a beacon of sensibility in a spate of irrational tangents which all other characters of the movie take. Bunny, on the other hand, is 100% unadulterated bomb of LA, burning cash of her wealthy husband, the ‘Big Lebowski’, and in the process, scattering her undergarments all over Los Angeles, setting the house on fire.

  • ‘The Big Lebowski’ (David Huddleson) and John Goodman. Given David’s army lineage, his character perfectly weighs the scale evenly against heavyweights Jeff Bridges, John Goodman and their comrades. The double crossing millionaire is handicapped but it doesn’t deter him from earning more money by scape-goating the Dude and adding gallons of plush money power to the movie sequences. Walter Sobchak (Goodman) is on the other hand the epitome of hyper. All his plans for his best buddy fails, and to top it up, Walter leaves a trail of destruction, snapping at the drop of a hat and acting as an in exhaustible human firecracker, lighting up the movie screen with his hilarious blunders.


  • Of course, the Dude! You can call him El Duderino if the brevity thing is not your style. He’s almost like a messiah of Los Angeles, with long hair and sublime tranquillity in the midst of all the chaos. The Dude is smoking pot, hanging out in the bowling alley, getting marauded by total strangers, but he’s doing the usual–bowling, driving around and the occasional acid flashback. The Dude is the one who really ties the movie together man!


  • The Coen Brothers obviously for gifting such a masterful cult classic to the free spirited outcasts of the planet- the fringe audience. The Dude embodied the essence of a non-conformist, non-compliant, non-active, non-contributing, non-family man, and a non-stop. It’s the genre which the Coens captures in their satire, a genre which doesn’t fit with the romantic stereotypes, hackneyed corporate dramas or the “Saving the World” heroes. It was a brilliant script, brilliant acting and breathtaking visuals of the Coens interspersed throughout the movie, adding up to make the movie more meaningful than some Academy Award winning sombre dramas. Because after all, ‘Who gives a shit about the fucking marmot!’

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